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Retirement is different today than it has been for previous generations – it is a great time for you to get a second opinion on your retirement to help address common retirement planning concerns.

  • How much risk is your retirement savings exposed to?
  • Will you receive your full Social Security benefit?
  • Can you create a retirement income plan that lasts as long as you do?
  • Do you have access to technology that can make your retirement easier to manage?

At my New Generation Retirement seminar, you will receive answers to these questions and others to help you learn how to prepare for a steady retirement in a changing world.

Is your retirement ready to stand the test of time?

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Janet Pack

Janet is President and owner of Senior Care Alliance and Advisors Asset Management, Inc. a Registered Investment Advisory firm. She is an Investment Advisor focused on retirement planning and professional money management.

Janet has been featured on FOX business news, KIXI, KIRO and her Sunday radio show Smart Retirement that ran for 5 years in the Seattle area.

Janet specializes in helping clients preserve assets for the future and setting up a legacy for their family.  She believes her clients should have information to assist in making these important retirement decisions. 

She has a background in legacy planning and long-term care planning. Over the past 30-years, she has helped many clients protect their assets and preserve their wealth. Janet knows how to help find financial peace of mind and utilizes a team of professionals to keep you up to date on new rules and changes in the retirement landscape. She has weathered years of market risk and congressional change.

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